• These are some great links!


    Great educational games where you can play against your friends or others from around the world! Grades 1-8


    A huge collection of games geared for grades K-5.

    Cool Math

    An assortment of math-centered games for Grades 3-8


    Science and math based activities that promote students to critically think. Geared towards grades 6-8.


    Play games or read comics on this great site! Grades 2-8

    Gizmos and Gadgets

    Learn basic physics by creating and racing different machines. Grades 4-8

    Math Playground

    Math games and videos, including Common Core aligned activities. Grades 1-8

    Nitro Type

    Race your friends while you practice typing! Grades 4-8

    Number Munchers

    Test your Math skills in this classic video game! Grades 3-8

    Operation Neptune

    Help recover a space capsule by collecting objects and solving math problems. Grades 4-8

    PBS Kids

    Games for students in PreK-3

    Sheppard Software

    This site has games in all different subjects for Grades PreK-8.


    Great site that focuses on math and ELA for Grades K-2.

    SuperSolvers Spellbound!

    Use (and practice) your spelling skills to complete variety of games in order to win a spelling bee against evil robots! Grades 3-8

    The Oregon Trail

    Travel the Oregon Trail as you and your family try to survive through harsh conditions in this classic game. Grades 3-8

    Treasure MathStorm

    Use your math skills to find clues (after you catch elves) in order to restore life on a mountain. Grades 3-8

    Treasure Mountain

    Go on a journey where you catch elves to get clues to find treasure! Grades 3-6

    Typing Web Games

    Games that focus on typing and keyboarding skills for Grades 3-8.

    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

    Solve clues around the world while trying to find super thief Carmen Sandiego in this classic game. Grades 4-8

    Word Munchers

    Test your reading skills by matching word sounds in this classic game! Grades 2-8