• Brain Food!

     Healthy! Healthy!


    Fifth grade students may bring a small, healthy snack to school everyday. It will be a working snack during 2nd period or the beginning of 3rd period. Being that it is a working snack, snacks need to be simple and quick. To avoid a sticky mess, try to send dry snacks that do not require a lot of clean up (whether it is spilled or not). Snacks needing utensils should be avoided as well. Here are a few examples of a good snack to send to school:


    • Granola bars/Nutri-Grain bars
    • Fruits (banana, apple, pear, plum)
    • Vegetables (carrots, celery)
    • Dry cereal
    • Fruit snacks
    • 100 Calorie snacks


    This optional snack is a great way to provide students with some much-needed energy to keep those precious minds moving throughout the morning!


    Bottles of water are permitted in the classroom as well.


    Please note that snacks may not be shared with other students.